Jump-Start Your Activity Program With These 5 Tips

Joining the Workplace Wellness Movement is not only physically healthy for your company population as a whole, but it also boosts retention, job performance, attendance, and overall job satisfaction.

Taking on the task of implementing an activity based wellness program with hundreds or thousands of employees can be intimidating! You're not alone in feeling overwhelmed. Take comfort in knowing that this roadblock of intimidation can be overcome with a top-performing wellness platform and a little expert advice.

Here's what David Pauer, former Director of Wellness for the Employee Health Program of Cleveland Clinic, had to say about managing a wellness program with over 25,000 members.

David mentions a few key items to consider when creating your activity-focused wellness program:

  1. Keep the activity simple, like tracking daily steps!
  2. Consider making fitness trackers, such as Garmin or Fitbit products*, easily accessible and within the financial reach of each individual.
  3. Communicate individual and team progress often, with a centrally displayed leaderboard or smartphone application*.
  4. Incentivize participation with name-drawn prizes (based on participation) to even the playing field.
  5. Keep your wellness program alive with fresh monthly or quarterly activity challenges.

Interested in hearing more on 'What No One Tells You About Running An Activity Wellness Program'?

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*Motion Connected's Android- and iPhone-friendly mobile application links with each individual's compatible activity device and displays a near real-time step count and leaderboard. 

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