Why Your Company Needs a Wellness Program

Your company doesn't have a wellness program?

That can cost you. An estimated quarter of a million dollars per 100 employees a year, to paint the picture.

In a recent webinar we uncovered this statistic with Motion Connected’s Director of Wellness Strategy, Sarah Troup, and Brian Green, Wellness Sales Manager from Garmin Health.

Sarah noted, “There is a lot of evidence that not doing wellness in and of itself can be expensive…Physical inactivity alone costs $44,642 additional per year in health care costs per 100 employees.”

Here’s something you should know. There are many factors related to your employees’ health costing your company, including hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity.

These factors, as Sarah points out, often come down to lifestyle choices that lead to higher health care utilization. What’s more? The majority of these chronic diseases are PREVENTABLE with an engaging workplace wellness plan.

Hear more from Sarah in the video below.

Beyond potential money savings, providing healthy options for employees can also help your organization:

1. Be more productive and have fewer accidents

2. Have less absenteeism (as much as 40% less with a good wellness program)

4. Create a positive corporate culture

Interested in hearing more about the latest wellness trends and getting the most from a wellness program?

Download the full interview & listen anytime here >

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