Choosing the Right Focus for Workplace Wellness

Wellness can have countless definitions.

Whether looking at individual or group wellness, a wellbeing destination has many paths paved to reach it. From healthy eating and appropriate water intake, to emotional health and daily physical activity, choosing the right path for you or your employees to take can be challenging.

In a recent interview we sat down with David Pauer to ponder this topic in greater detail. David is a Health & Wellness Leader with over 25 years of experience, including managing Cleveland Clinic's Employee Health plan.

So, how did David choose a wellness focus for Cleveland Clinic's Employee to help foster healthier lifestyles their in population? Watch the snippet below to hear it in his own words.

Pauer stated the desire to use a positive engagement tool, as opposed to the typical restrictive dieting or reducing tobacco usage, methods that take away from the individual.

Instead, he wanted the chosen method to create a visible sign that wellness was in play, and a means to camaraderie and positive cultural change.

All signs pointed to physical activity. 

Why? It comes down to a few key things:

A wearable activity device on the wrist of each participant serves as an outward sign of an active wellness program. Employees are mindful of how often they move around the office throughout the day, and more inclined to grab a coworker for a mid-day walk.

A metric as simple as steps offers everyone a reachable daily goal, a sense of accomplishment, and a cultural shift to encouragement and even friendly competition.

Daily activity with wearables also makes it possible to be built into employee's routine around the clock, in the workplace AND at home, wherever and however they get active.

Lastly, focusing on physical activity provides powerful health benefits for the participants. An increase in energy, motivation, engagement, and a decrease in pain, stress, anxiety, along with strengthened muscles & bones are just some of the many perks of incorporating physical activity into a daily routine.

Interested in learning more about what it takes to run a successful activity wellness program? 

You can download the full interview & listen anytime here >

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