Getting the Most from Your Wellness Program

Authored by: Sarah Troup

Limited results, low engagement and recent media articles can tend to leave you wondering, can wellness programs really ever be successful?

Understandably, as the Director of Wellness Strategy for a national wellness company, my answer is going to be "Yes!" But it comes down to more than just blind faith in wellness, and rather, what experience over the last 10 years has shown us.

When designed properly, we have seen workplace wellness plans boast high engagement, positive health outcome changes, and in some cases, significantly reduce overall lifestyle claims.

One great example of this is the 4-year partnership between us (Motion Connected), Garmin, and the Cleveland Clinic Healthy Choice Program.

One key piece of their comprehensive wellness program design for an employee and spouse population of over 60,000, emphasizes improving physical activity levels using wearable activity trackers.

Since launching the program, some of their powerful results include:
  • Successfully flatlining their annual medical and pharmacy costs year after year
  • In 2018, 68% of their employees and spouse population eligible for the premium incentive actively participated in the program. 
    • Of those, greater than 80% met the medical director’s threshold for meaningful physical activity levels. 
  • Better yet, the participants had great things to say, “I track my steps daily. What’s given me the positive feedback is my own body. I sleep better at night, I’m not as tired towards the end of the day, and I dropped about 35 pounds.”

Are you interested in beating the status quo, and creating this positive narrative in your own, or your clients’ wellness program?

Then download this webinar to listen to Brian Green from Garmin Health and me, Sarah Troup. During this 45 minute conversation we’ll explore more examples of evaluating wellness program results, plus:
  • Is there a cost to doing nothing?
  • What's wrong with the current wellness model 
  • Must-have trends/employer efforts for success 
  • Evidence for high-impact programs w/ data from wearables 
  • Going beyond just step


Hope to see you there!

Sarah Troup
Director of Wellness Strategy
Motion Connected

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