New Activity Challenge Features Released!

Our Challenge Code is Heating Up!

The core of our Motion Connected myInertia plans center on wearables and physical activity challenges. These automated challenges are inclusive, fun, create camaraderie and are a great way to build healthier cultures.

Our clients have had the best success with engagement when running challenges at least quarterly. To continue to help time-strapped administrators achieve that goal, we’ve released four brand-new tools.

1. Team Building Wizard
Building team challenges is easier than ever with our new building method. Employees can self-select their team from a menu of options, or be randomly auto-assigned to teams in our new round robin function.

2. Preset Challenges
“Click and go” challenges are ready for administrators to promote! Clients simply select a challenge that interests them, select a start date and invite employees. There’s even an option to download a poster to promote the challenge to their employee base.

3. Message Board Alerts
We automatically notify participants when the challenge is starting and ending in their message board. Our system handles this behind the scenes, so no additional work for the client! Clients can also choose to post the invite to the message board to garner more signups.

4. Outlast Challenges
We created a new type of challenge sure to take the friendly competition up a notch. Participants compete to see who can “outlast” the step or active minutes goal each week. If they miss the goal they are eliminated from the challenge, and as the weeks progress, the goal gets harder!

These challenge enhancements are just the tip of the iceberg for what we have in store for the year!

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