I'm Better when I Run

I’ve been reminded many times in my life that I’m at my best when I consistently run.

You’re not into running?

No worries this message still applies to you.

My 2019 challenge to you is this - find what makes you better! Chances are it will be grounded in the gift of physical activity.

Here’s my story…

Recently, I dialed back my running for a few weeks. It’s definitely important to get some rest after a year containing a couple marathons, a 50K trail race, and my first 50-miler. However, dialing back helped me remember once again what running provides.

Running quiets and slows my inner dialogue. It allows me to sort through all the random thoughts, ideas, and self-criticisms. It has a way of turning a heap of tangled and dirty laundry into a basket of crisp, organized clothes.

Running builds my confidence. When I’m running frequently and strong, I stand taller and take on more challenges. I flinch less at the bullets and mud.

Running humbles me. The marathon usually wins. This keeps me coming back for more – after recovering from the physical and mental anguish. Running taps me on the shoulder and gently reinforces my humanity and the importance of grit.

Running makes me a better listener. It offers a calmness and positive energy that I have a difficult time explaining,

Running reminds me. It reminds me to be thankful for the important things in life. When I run, I’m not thinking of material possessions. Rather, I’m thinking of the present and how wonderful it is to be able to run. I’m thinking of the past, and how relationships and experiences have blessed me and shaped me. I’m thinking of the endless possibilities of the future.

With limited running in recent weeks, its absence reminded me why I miss it.

I’m better when I run.

The year ahead will consist of countless miles, gruesomely early mornings, and aching muscles that want to quit.

Fortunately, the lessons of my first 41 years tell me that it’s also a tasty recipe for countless growth opportunities away from the roads and trails.

Will I be faster? Questionable. Will I be better? No doubt.

What makes you better?

2019 awaits your answer…

Authored by: Mark Cumicek 

Mark is the Engagement & Operations Leader for Motion Connected. He provides creative strategic advice, cultural insight, and project leadership in a way that embraces Midwestern values. He loves helping people thrive and grow!

This post originally appeared on his blog, happyrun.net

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