Why Being Busy is NOT a Good Reason to Skip a Workout

I had an extremely full day. As I drove home, my nerves were on fire and my patience was short. Between processing the day’s events and foreshadowing a busy evening, my stress level was rising.

My first reaction was to scratch the planned pre-dinner jog from my agenda. After all, I truly had too much going on to waste my precious time out on a trail. Deep down, I knew better. This type of activity was exactly what I needed.

As I entered the house, the distractions and excuses inundated me. My instinct again moved towards ditching the workout. Fortunately, I was able to overcome the objections, get situated in my shoes, shorts, and t-shirt, and get out the door.

I managed to squeeze physical activity in between the BU and SY of busy.

The result?

I returned home with a clear mind and the words too busy evaporated with the sweat.

The day’s events were sorted and rationalized.

The evening’s agenda suddenly became easily tolerable and full of enjoyable endeavors that previously appeared gut-wrenching.

My outlook on tomorrow also changed from anxious to excited anticipation. My calendar was transformed from way too busy to an invigorating full day ahead.

The takeaway…

Though life gets chaotic and our schedules are often so full they can overwhelm, don’t forgo physical activity. Give it the priority it deserves. Doing so will ALWAYS reflect abundantly on your productivity, your attitude, and your gratitude.

Being on the move has a magical way of bringing order to chaos and optimism to a tireless schedule.

Whether it’s a 10-minute walk, a 10-kilometer run, or 10-mile bike ride, don’t make it the convenient scratch from your agenda. Instead, find a way to make it happen!

Your stress-level, your schedule, your coworkers, and your family will thank you for the investment.

Authored by:

Mark Cumicek 
Engagement & Operations Leader

Mark helps Motion Connected bring energy and action to their strategy. He loves helping people grow and thrive along the way! Mark provides creative strategic advice, cultural insight, and project leadership in a way that embraces Midwestern values.

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