We're Hiring! Wellness Engagement Specialist / Customer Care Advisor


This dynamic position will split time between two roles – both of which are critical to helping partner organizations build a healthier tomorrow.

The first role, Wellness Engagement Specialist, is focused on supporting our new and existing clients with the design and implementation of their wellness programming while leveraging our myInertia platform and related products and services. This includes helping an assigned portfolio of clients most effectively engage their populations in their wellness program. 

The second role, Customer Care Advisor, is focused on actively working with a collaborative team to provide frontline, direct care and service to administrators and program participants. Providing friendly, timely, and knowledgeable care is a key differentiator for us and vital to our future success and growth! This includes investing in continual learning to best advise our clients on account set-up, integration with top activity tracking devices, and maintaining initiatives in our unique platform to support an engaging and thriving wellness program.

This position is designed to provide learning opportunities through a variety of experiences, with the ability to grow your career with us… as we grow! Let’s build a healthier tomorrow together.

High-level Responsibilities: 
  1. Collaborate with the sales and operations teams to execute effective new client onboarding processes and current client renewal processes. 
  2. On-going management of new and existing client relationships. This may include advising on best practice wellness program and scorecard design, scorecard implementation, communication plan development and execution, and administrator support. 
  3. Own the “Challenge Calendar” development, communication, and participant assignment process. This includes identifying and implementing new Challenge ideas and process improvements. 
  4. Collaboratively contribute to our growing, cross-functional Customer Care team. This includes a primary focus on serving our wellness clients. Secondarily, with time, this may include growing an understanding of our other businesses to support seasonal spikes in demand. 
  5. Identify and implement strategies to organically grow existing client revenue and engagement while deepening our relationship with them. 
  6. Identify and implement approaches to help our entire client base more effectively reach higher levels of engagement. This includes hands-on involvement in designing and developing communication pieces and educational modules. 
  7. Assist with activity device fulfillment and service as needed. 
  8. Professionally and positively represent Motion Connected at trade shows, in the health & wellness industry, and in the local community. 
  9. Active and engaged participation in team meetings. 

Expectations and Competencies: 
  1. Takes to heart and consistently personifies our guiding principles: 
    • We Care. 
    • We Own. 
    • We Deliver. 
  2. Exudes trust, ownership, and follow-through. 
  3. Consistently shares good energy in the office environment. 
  4. Driven to take action beyond the status quo with a mindset of continuous improvement. 
  5. Demonstrates a consistently positive attitude, outlook, and demeanor. 
  6. Acts with a strong sense of personal accountability - no complaining, blaming, and excuses. 
  7. Ability to act as the “calm in the storm” with an I got this attitude. 
  8. Proven ability to navigate an environment of growth and ongoing change – includes dealing well with ambiguity and shifting priorities. 
  9. Ability to comfortably grasp technology and help others learn to use technology. 
  10. Embraces and thrives in a work environment built around computers and technology – this includes a comfort with use of email, phone, and virtual meetings as main sources of client interaction. 
  11. Actively and intentionally “creates moments” with our clients that lead to satisfaction, foster a forgiving nature when things don’t go perfectly, and lead to referral business. 
  12. Not afraid of a good mind-clearing, energy-inducing walk or a walking meeting with colleagues!
If you are interested in exploring this opportunity further, please submit a cover letter and your resume to Mark at mcumicek@motionconnected.com

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