3 Ways to Give Your Workplace a Positivity Makeover

We all like working in an environment that radiates positive vibes. 

In addition to making us feel warm and energized, uplifting environments also provide fertile ground for growing engagement and innovation. All keys to remaining competitive in today’s market.

But it can be hard to remain positive, or feel like you can make a difference in the current state of your culture. Luckily, there are simple ways you can contribute to the power of positivity, no matter your position.

Here are three ways to give while helping foster positivity in your organization.

1. Give Energy

When we enter a room or enter a conversation, we either give energy or take energy from those we interact with. Which we choose is something that is totally within our control. 

I prefer to be around people that share their good energy. How about you?

The opposite end of the spectrum is an “energy vampire” who thrives on sucking the energy from others.

So ask yourself: are you a giver of energy or an “energy vampire?” 

Try to be aware of your energy give and take. Find yourself being negative? Take a breath and refocus on the power of good energy.

2. Give Back

In the book Tuesdays with Morrie, Professor Morrie Schwartz shares the following nugget of wisdom with his student Mitch Albom, “Giving is living.”

The premise of the thought is that giving to others makes our life all the richer.

You can transfer this premise to your organization for the same effect.

By rallying around a chartable project you can bring your people together in a spirit of positivity. That positivity will easily transcend the project and create an additional light in your workplace.

Foster a core value of investing time, treasure, and talent to the greater good and watch the refreshing impact it has on your culture.

3. Give Praise

Sadly, leadership guru Dan Rockwell reports that 37% of managers do not share positive feedback with their employees. 

1 in 3 managers are only sharing the negative with their team members! This is troubling.

We can’t expect positivity to rise from environments that are absent of recognition and praise.

In 2013, an article titled The Ideal Praise-to-Criticism Ratio was published. Though some of the data behind the study has been questioned over the years, the underlying message remains strong. A ratio that tilts to more positive comments than negative comments is a winner over time.

Assess your ratio with tally marks for a couple days. The findings will help you determine what action you need to take. Shoot for a minimum positive-to-negative ratio of 3-to-1.

Dish more praise and you’ll be naturally ditching negativity in the process.

Each of us can lead a positivity makeover in our homes, community, and workplace – it starts with choosing to give a little.

“Do small things with great love.”
~ Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Give Energy. Give Back. Give Praise.

Which one will you start with today?

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