Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Power of Wearable Fitness Trackers

At Motion Connected, we frequently find ourselves in awe of the overwhelmingly positive impact wearables can have in workplace wellness.

For us, it really starts with the power that physical activity has, not only on living longer, but living better

This means nights where you sleep better (up to 65% better according to the National Sleep Foundation), to days where you have more energy, a better mood, and even more willpower - simply because of exercise.

It also means lower risks for the top health threats like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more. (You can check out for a review of the scientific evidence, it’s staggering).

Not only that, but increased physical activity levels can mean less sick days and lower healthcare costs for your organization.

That’s a lot, right? Just think about what those types of improvements could do for your employee population.

That’s where wearables come in. These wrist-worn reminders are the tangible tool needed to encourage, inspire and prompt employees to take control of their health. Allowing your business to gain the countless benefits of a healthier employee base.

However, it’s not enough to simply hand out devices and hope for the best. You need the right strategy and the right devices.

Join us, in partnership with Garmin, to learn more about successfully implementing wearables with our on-demand webinar: Energizing Your Wellness Plan with Wearables. 

During this 30-minute, thought-provoking webinar recording we dig deeper into why wearables are a must in wellness, the best-practice strategies for implementation, and the features to look for in a corporate wellness device.