Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Motion Connected Launches a Game Changing Wellness Program

Myinertia Select Offers the Busy HR Professional an Extremely Affordable and Engaging Wellness Portal.

Motion Connected is excited to announce the launch of their newest workplace wellness product, myInertia Select. This product is built to help organizations of any size instantly implement and administer a wellness program employees will love.

“We know the majority of tomorrow’s high risk does not relate to today’s health status, so we set out to deliver a simple, yet engaging plan that targets the entire spectrum.” said Michael Troup, CEO of Motion Connected. “We also chose to focus on affordability to help more organizations implement the power of wellness into their culture in 2018.”

Select is based on Motion Connected’s 10 years of experience delivering customized client solutions.

Through the ongoing analysis, they identified the three best-practice wellness initiatives that not only deliver positive health outcomes and population engagement, but were also easy for organizations to implement and administer.

One of the three key initiatives is physical activity.

Employees who exercised more were simply happier, stressed less, ate better and even had an easier time kicking other bad habits.

Worldwide studies have also proven that increasing physical activity can improve many areas of health including: weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart health, diabetes risk, cancer risks and more.

The other two initiatives, weight monitoring and an annual physical check-up, allow organizations to create a strong foundation to engage a population in meaningful healthy behaviors.

The myInertia Select plan includes the following features:
  1. A personal, mobile-friendly account for each employee
  2. Wearables integration with the top 3 industry brands in the fitness tracker space: Fitbit, Garmin and Apple Watch. 
  3. Unlimited build-your-own physical activity challenges
  4. Access to the Wellness Outlet, an online wearable fulfillment store where employees can purchase exclusively discounted Fitbit and Garmin devices. 
  5. A points-tracking scorecard featuring high-impact initiatives 
  6. A knowledgeable support team to answer any employee question
  7. An administrative toolkit to help communicate and manage the program (features employee facing posters, videos, how-to documents and more)
  8. An email support line for administration questions

“We are looking forward to what 2018 brings,” said Troup, “We can’t wait to work together to create a healthier tomorrow for your organization.”

You can learn more about the product and get your instant online quote by visiting their website at www.myinertia.com/select