Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Apple Watch Now Integrates with myInertia’s Portal

We are excited to announce the integration of Apple Watch with our myInertia corporate wellness platform. The Apple Watch joins Fitbit and Garmin as the best in class devices we use to support physical activity in your workplace.

As a company, we continue to focus on these strategic wearable integrations based on factors like: popular appeal, durability, affordability, and most importantly - future longevity as a corporate health activity device. The Apple Watch matches these requirements exactly, providing a unique experience that more and more employees want to be a part of.

How it works:

myInertia’s system will sync the activity data collected from Apple’s iHealth data through an app called MC Link. From there the participants can join other Fitbit and Garmin colleagues to:

  • Earn points and be rewarded for steps and active minutes 
  • Set and track activity goals
  • Rank in company-wide leaderboards
  • Compete in individual or team activity challenges

Learn more: If you are interested in using Apple Watch in one of our comprehensive wellness programs, schedule a time to learn more here.