Monday, September 25, 2017

A Case Study: Saving Administrative Time, While Boosting Results

OSBA, Ozarks Schools Benefits Association, Inc. (OSBA) is a non-profit association, who was looking to integrate wellness more tightly into its benefit designs.

One of their top priorities was to find new, strategic ways to engage their employees in healthy behaviors. The problem was, with 60+ schools spread across 32 school districts, delivering a consistent wellness program across these widely dispersed locations was difficult.

In particular, delivering year- round engaging activities at each location was near impossible with only one wellness coordinator. Participation in wellness programs at OSBA through the 2015/16 school year was limited to the “usual suspects” with barriers to increased engagement including:

  • multiple programs throughout the school year
  • Inefficient methods for collecting and aggregating data
  • Reaching all employees with effective communication 
  • Lack of incentives that appealed to all employees

It quickly became clear that myInertia’s approach matched OSBA’s needs in a number of key areas:

Access to discounted activity trackers from Fitbit and Garmin through The Wellness Outlet provided a tangible tool to create both excitement and engagement. OSBA added a $10 subsidy to the on-line store where myInertia managed all transactions and fulfillment direct to employee’s homes.

myInertia provided employees with an easy to use platform that created a consistent experience regardless of location. Employees had immediate access to all resources they needed to participate along with real time feedback and progress.

The customizable portal also enabled huge administrative efficiencies including:

  • Creation of a points based structure that combined all previous wellness activities into one comprehensive program
  • Program promotion and delivery of all resources direct to each employee 
  • Automatic collection of validated data for multiple wellness activities
  • Access to real time reports for employee recognition and program evaluation. These reports were available for OSBA, by school district and for each school individually. 

OSBA established a tiered financial incentive and myInertia was able to establish points levels that ensured the highest incentive could only be reached with year-round engagement.

The results included exceeding their participant goal and growing their daily step average to 6,900. (beating the national average of 5,900)

Krista, OSBA’s wellness coordinator was also satisfied was the new program structure:

“OSBA implemented our wellness program 10 years ago. While we had decent success, it had become stale; we needed a change! myInertia gave our program a fresh face and our participation went from 500 people to almost 1,500! myInertia also gave me as the wellness coordinator the tools and administrative support that I needed to manage everyone, their accounts and their technical questions.”

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