Friday, April 28, 2017

Case Study: A 2017 Update on Cleveland Clinic's Employee Healthy Choice Program

myInertia continues to work with Cleveland Clinic Employee Health Plan (CCEHP) to deliver deliver a custom wellness portal built around verifiable behavior change.

Since inception of their program, CCEHP has been challenging what the standard wellness program should be. They have pushed to create a program that truly changed their employee population, and in turn, delivered the results that should be expected from a robust disease management program.

Cleveland Clinic Employee Health Plan (CCEHP) has seen their annual medical and pharmacy costs flat-line. In fact, the trend is -0.5% per year. 

This is all the more impressive when you consider that:

  • CCEHP has also achieved a 16.7% reduction in medical and pharmacy utilization since 2010.
  • Employees have access to low cost healthcare services. 
  • CCEHP has no deductible, no co-insurance and very few co-pays.
  • Unit costs for medical & pharmacy have increased 39% since 2010.

So what's the secret to their success?

Similar to many health plans, CCEHP has robust offerings in medical management, pharmacy management, and behavioral health.

What CCEHP has done in addition to these programs is focus on true population-based behavior modification.

The Healthy Choice program is offered to all employees and spouses on the health plan, tying a health diagnosis and appropriate behavior modification together with a premium discount.

The focus of the program is on six high cost health conditions that can be significantly impacted by an individual’s behavior.

In 2016, three-quarters of all eligible employees and spouses completed an annual physician visit with a biometric screening, the requirement to enter the program. Of these, 64% actively enrolled in the program and 88% then went on to achieve the behavior based benchmarks.

Along with strong leadership, no barriers to healthcare access and a meaningful incentive, the success of Healthy Choice comes down to simplicity and ease of use.

Health Choice has a very simple design. Complete the assigned behavior(s) for your health status over the course of the program to earn your premium discount.

However, the reality of delivering an easy to use personalized experience to all plan members required finding the right partner.

Following an extensive RFP process myInertia was selected as the partner with the right set of capabilities to deliver an evolving program focused on measurable outcomes.

myInertia built a custom platform that serves up a personal dashboard to each user based on a CCEHP eligibility file. Everything a user needs to understand and participate in the program is accessible from this single dashboard.

Their health coaches also have access to the platform to view employee progress.

Enhancements are made to the platform with a focus on supporting user engagement and outcomes. In 2017, these included the delivery of e-communications in place of traditional mailings and the embedding of educational material relevant to each health status.

A tightly managed activity tracker program featuring Fitbit/Garmin devices and access to iHealth data has also been implemented in concert with the portal. This has supported ease of use and high levels of engagement in physical activity programs.

The Results

Healthy Choice is entering its eighth year and this long-term, disciplined focus has helped to produce a win-win situation.

While Cleveland Clinic and CCEHP have implemented many programs that have helped impact the results, there is no doubt that Healthy Choice has played a successful role in changing key behaviors across the population.

Employees/Spouses – For all eligible members there have been some key benefits:
  • Regardless of whether they participate in the Healthy Choice program, annual premium increases have reduced from 21% in 2010 to 0% in 2017.
  • Low cost access to healthcare has been maintained.
  • On an aggregate basis medical utilization is down and health indicators are up. Both pointing to an improved quality of life for employees/spouses.

Cleveland Clinic – The clinic has also reaped the benefits of the CCEHP efforts:

  • As noted previously, the historic 7.5% annual increase in medical and pharmacy costs has been transformed into a -0.5% reduction over the past three years.
  • This has resulted in an estimated $169 million cost avoidance.

Want to learn more about Cleveland Clinic's results-driven approach to wellness?

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