10 Recommended Health & Wellness Books

Looking for something to add to your summer reading list? myInertia recently attended the 2016 National WELCOA Summit / Arts & Science Promotion Conference and got a lot of great suggestions. Out of the many suggested we listed the 10 we’re most excited to add to our bookshelves. Did we miss any? Feel free to add to our list by commenting below!

1. Life on Purpose | Victor J. Stretcher 

Just released on May 10, 2016.  Vic shows in this book how finding your purpose in life leads to better health and overall happiness.

Walter C. Willett a renowned Harvard researcher Takes a look at the external factors that influence personal issues with weight.

3. Eat Drink and Weigh Less | Walter C. Willett

So good we put him on here twice! This book outlines nine basic principles that will help improve diet and lead to a healthy lifestyle.

4. Change or Die, The Three Keys to Change at Work and in Life | Alan Deutschman 

Alan Deutschman “If you look at people after coronary-artery bypass grafting two years later, ninety (90!) percent of them have not changed their lifestyle.” This book explores the ability to change when change matters most.

Daniel Kahneman offers practical and enlightening insights into how choices are made in both our business and personal lives while offering techniques to guard against the thinking that gets us in trouble.

6. Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape our Decisions | Dan Ariely

When it comes to making healthy choices, we think we are making smart, rational choices. But are we? This book looks at how misguided behaviors are neither random, nor senseless.

7. The Happiness Advantage | Shawn Achor

The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work – Shawn Achor - The Happiness Advantage isn’t only about how to become happier at work. It’s about how to reap the benefits of a happier and more positive mind-set to achieve the extraordinary in our work and in our lives.

By better understanding the biases in our brains when it comes to making choices, we can use the steps in this book to counteract those biases in our wellness programs.

9. Hardwiring Happiness | Rick Hanson Ph.D 

Why is it so easy to focus on the bad stuff and forget the good? Our brains are wired to absorb negativity and deflect positive moments. This book explores techniques to rewire the brain for positivity.

10. The Marshmallow Test, Why Self-Control is the Engine of Success | Walter Mischel

Walter Mischel explains how self-control can be mastered and applied to challenges in everyday life, from weight-control to quitting smoking.

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