35 Wellness Program Name Ideas

Branding your wellness program is a great way to increase awareness and gain participation from your employees’. A key part of your branding strategy is the name. We’ve compiled a helpful list of wellness program names to get your creative juices pumping.
  1. Your Company Name Cares 
  2. Your Company Name Wellness 
  3. Your Company Name Moves 
  4. Your Company Name Action 
  5. Be Your Company Name Strong 

  6. Your Company Name for Health 
  7. Your Company Name Fit 
  8. Your Company Name 360 
  9. Your Company Name Life 
  10. Your Company Name Pulse 

  11. Your Company Name Aware 
  12. Your Company Name’s CommonHealth 
  13. Your Company’s Name in Action 
  14. Your Company address # Health (example: 2300 Health) 
  15. Healthy Living your company Address # (Healthy Living 2300) 

  16. Your Company Address # Thrive (2300 Thrive) 
  17. Your Company Name Choice 
  18. Get Movin’ 
  19. Get Fit 
  20. 180 Health 

  21. WellnessRX 
  22. Empoweraide 
  23. myChoice 
  24. myLife 
  25. The Wellness Connection 

  26. Wellness Hub 
  27. The Health Hub 
  28. Restoration Wellness 
  29. Mission Fit 
  30. Optimum Health 

  31. Wellness Unlimited 
  32. Unleashed 
  33. BeWell 
  34. BeStrong 
  35. BeFit 

Quick Tip: Find a noun or verb you like and pair it with an adjective. (i.e. Happy Wellness or Be Strong)

Remember, a wellness program name should reflect your companies’ unique culture; a manufacturing plant’s wellness program will not likely have the same name as a design firm. Keep this in mind when naming your program. Good luck!

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