Thursday, April 16, 2015

How to Encourage Employees to Volunteer

Encouraging your employees to volunteer comes with plenty of benefits. From boosting morale, retaining talent, building bonds between coworkers and improving company image, volunteering can benefit your company. So, what are the most effective ways to get employees actively volunteering? We’ve complied a list of tips for success:

Make it a Company Priority

Consider adding it to your mission statement, or your wellness mission statement. Showing the value while inspiring action in writing is a great way to encourage participation.

Ask for Employees Input

Ask employees to vote on which not-for-profits or charities they would like to focus on. One of our clients allows employees to vote on the four charities they want to help each year. Employees then have the option to donate via a payroll deduction, one time gift, or by buying raffle tickets to earn company bought prizes. The money raised is highlighted at the year-end meeting that celebrates their accomplishments as a team.

Practice What You Preach

If you are in a leadership position of your company, make a statement about how important you feel volunteer work is and commit yourself to attending the events. 

Make it a Tradition

Sign the company up for annual charity events. Make it a new tradition for employees to help out at and build new connections with coworkers. Find events that align with your company’s overall mission statement.

Reward the Behavior

Incentivize participation with rewards. Think beyond the typical gift card. More unique ways to reward can be: recognizing participants at events/work meetings, offering paid time off or flextime hours to complete their volunteer time, matching charity donations of their choice, or adding volunteer work to a bigger picture wellness/well-being incentive like health care premium reductions.

Think Beyond Raking Leaves

Showing up and raking leaves, though helpful, isn’t the only resource that can make a difference. Ask employees to donate clothes, food, money if they don’t have time to spare.

Mix it In with Other Initiatives

Mix in volunteer and charity work with other fun well-being initiatives. Ask employees to walk 10,000 steps in the next four days. For every person that makes that goal your company will donate X amount to a certain charity. Having fun while making a difference is a great mix for high participation.

How does your company encourage volunteer time? Let us know in the comments