Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Are You Leveraging These 8 Free Resources in Your Wellness Program?

Wellness program resources can be limited, whether it’s a limited budget, staff, wellness knowledge, etc. Evaluating your existing relationships and resources can help you work around your organization’s limitations, allowing you to offer a full-bodied wellness program without tacking on extra fees or staff.

Existing Resources you can leverage: 

1. Your own employees can be a great source of ideas and can assist with the implementation, promotion and management of the program. Having different employees in charge of different initiatives can bring creative insight while balancing the workload.

2. Check out your health plan. Many offer a range of educational opportunities, both online and in-person that can be offered at little or no charge. Your benefits advisor may have a wellness program they recommend.

3. Local health systems often offer discounted testing and free educational programs.

4. Area Fitness clubs often offer free drop in classes for employees to try out a new workout class like TRX, Zumba or Yoga. Also in the summertime fitness clubs and yoga studios sometimes offer free weekly sessions in the park.

5. Local grocery store chains may offer nutritional presentations and provide free healthy shopping tours.

6. Take advantage of free smoking quit-lines and websites, such as the American Lung Associations Freedom from Smoking program.

7. Online resources provide a great variety of free or low-cost educational videos, health & wellness presentations, case studies, example language, helpful tips, etc., that can help your wellness program. Here's a couple examples we like >

8. Organize an after work walk or a lunchtime walking group. Making exercise a social event can increase participation and begin to establish a culture that focuses on healthy choices.

Explore your options with the relationships listed above to see what is available to you! 
Leveraging free/existing resources into your wellness program is just one key strategy to effective wellness planning. 

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