Monday, June 2, 2014

myInertia Engagement Calendar Progress Report

myInertia has always believed that challenges are a powerful way to engage people in physical activity. Motivational Theory and countless research studies have shown for years that social support, goal setting, and personal awareness are key strategies in helping people successfully change their behavior. Challenges harness these strategies by connecting people together, providing a realistic goal with a deadline and helping individuals gain awareness about their current activity levels. With these strategies in mind myInertia launched the wellness engagement calendar at the beginning of this year. (2014) The calendar features 12 different challenges ranging from weight, activity, individual and team competitions. As June approaches we’ve hit our half way mark and progress has been positive towards achieving the target goals. 

Our 2014 goals with the engagement calendar are to: 

  • Help employers increase employee engagement 
  • Increase employees’ activity levels 
  • Reduce administrative time 
  • Effectively communicate challenges to both administrators and employees

A mid year survey of those administrators revealed positive results:

  • 64% of our current clients participated at least one of the four challenges offered in the wellness calendar thus far. 
  • 94% of the surveyed respondents found the challenge communications to employees to be moderately to extremely effective. 
  • All the employers surveyed agreed that the four challenges motivated employees
  • 81% of administrators believed that the challenges helped to increase employees’ physical activity levels. 

Challenge Results:
  • The companies that participated in the 3-week March Madness stepping challenge showed a 70% increase in steps over the 3 weeks prior to the challenge
    • The top team -Team Crazy Steppers averaged 12,622 steps daily. 
      • (75% higher than the national daily average steps Americans take) 
  • In the Go the Distance Challenge participants walked a total of 18,613.86 miles, or over ¾ of the way around the world in two weeks

Our progress report feedback and data has shown that the myInertia engagement calendar is helping our members move in the right direction. Going forward we will continue to utilize the motivational tools available and work hard to deliver engaging, fun and social challenges.

To learn more bout our wellness calendar or other myInertia program feel free to contact:

Sarah Troup | myInertia
Business Development & Wellness Strategist | 920-593-8867

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